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Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers
6675 Falls of Neuse Rd 109
RaleighNC 27615

Success Stories

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers |6675 Falls of Neuse Rd 109RaleighNC27615 | (919) 977-3384

About Our Weight Loss Center

Weight Loss Center in Raleigh, NC Weight Loss Center in Raleigh, NC

Tricia T.

Lost 111 Pounds and 118 Inches*

"My reasons for joining Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers were simple: be there to see my children grow up, attend graduations, weddings, learn to live a healthy lifestyle for my family and whatever life has to offer. Another goal that came later was the ability to run a ½ marathon. With my friends and family cheering me on, two goals were completed the day I ran in a ½ marathon. I finished the race and lost 100 pounds…I SUCCEEDED! I am a Mom and wife who doesn't hide in the shadows anymore. My family loves me unconditionally, but now I love me and it shows.

My children hug me more because they can put their arms around me, my husband is proud that I have succeeded in an area that before Physicians, I always failed in. I am so happy. Truly happy. I love living and doing the things in life I never felt were possible. Thank you Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers!"

Weight Loss Center in Raleigh, NC Weight Loss Center in Raleigh, NC

Tina A.

Lost 82 Pounds and 75 inches*

"Two things I like the most about PWLC are having the center locally to go into and being able to talk to someone if I have questions. It made all the difference to have guidance throughout the program. And secondly, how truly easy the program is! Since starting the program, I have lost 82 pounds and 75.75 inches! I went from a size 20-22 to a 7-8 in pants and shirts from XXL+ to Small-Medium. I've pulled out all of my “skinny clothes” and they're all either loose or too big to wear! I feel so much healthier, I have tons of energy to do all the activities I love and can walk the mall and shop all day with my daughter without being tired or needing a break!

She and my family are so proud of me! I'm no longer self-conscious about my weight; I love being out and about at social events and family outings. It's a wonderful feeling being asked “how much have you lost now? You look great!” I can now run 2 miles plus, I am more outgoing and in general, happy! I am SO thankful to Lisa and PWLC for guiding me to my success!"

Weight Loss Center in Raleigh, NC Weight Loss Center in Raleigh, NC

Jessica B.

Lost 53 pounds and 57 Inches*

"Summer was fast approaching and so was a size 15. I live in sunny South Florida where shorts and tank tops are most women's daily attire. I couldn't bear the thought of another summer in jeans. I walked into PWLC and headed to the exam & consults rooms with Ron and Celeste. In less than five minutes, I was convinced that this was the lifestyle change I needed. I didn't need another diet, I needed to change the way I ate forever. I have been on other diets, but this was different. The program was straight forward and easy to stick to. Seventeen weeks after my initial visit to PWLC I walked out 53 pounds lighter and 57 ¾ inches smaller.

I went from a size 12/14 to a 2/4, from 165 pounds to 112 pounds. Through PWLC I learned to eat to live. I wake up every morning thinking of my next adventure, not my next meal. It's now summer and my daily attire consists of shorts and a tank top – just what I always wanted! When people ask me about my weight loss I tell them I went to Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers and it changed my life. They didn't provide me with a 16 week diet. They gave me the tools to change the way I eat forever."

Weight Loss Center in Raleigh, NC Weight Loss Center in Raleigh, NC

John G.

Lost 208 Pounds and 190 Inches*

"I have tried other diets and lost weight but could never keep it off. PWLC gave me the tools to lose the weight with a great support system to get to my goal weight. With this change of life, PWLC also educated you on a maintenance plan to survive in the real world after you hit your goal. The support system with the staff in Strongsville is incredible.

They taught me the WILL POWER to succeed. Thank You! You have to start with the philosophy that the only person that can change your life is YOU. You have to do it for yourself. You deserve it."

*Individual results may vary.

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